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United States
Hello, my name is Arielle, but most people call me Volt.
A Mouse Artist Stamp by nirmanProud To Be Filipino Stamp by Crystal-Artistsonic stamp by PFV0-StampKnuckes Stamp by PFV0-Stamptikal stamp by PFV0-Stampjet stamp by PFV0-StampDraw for fun-Stamp by DinoclawsPokemon Yellow Stamp by SuperRamenPokemon Mystery Dungeon Stamp by AlphaUmbreonLeft 4 Dead 2 Stamp by sonicxrules2193C: Stamp: Jose plaing by MayogaXI don't like clogging up my comments. by Little-rolling-beanThe Early Stamp by BusirisSlow Reply STAMP by ni-shi-kiLove Comments Stamp by GaretiemAngry Birds Stamp by livinladolcevita

My friends
Go check them out. Just do it.
It looks fun to do, so I think it's about time I go back to featuring a few artists out there. I'm going to be bending the rules a bit and just be featuring as many people that comment.

I was featured by pandalana and deardiana15. Thanks guys!

1) :iconpandalana:
Geo is one of my best pals on this site, and I've seen this girl improve like a lot. She transformed from a girl who made traditional sketches into this talented digital artist (might I say, it beats what I can a lot). I love how she brings something new into her artwork, whether it's a pose, coloring style, or just a certain character. Geo, don't you dare stop drawing, you're a big inspiration to lots of other Sonic fans :) including me! This girl deserves a watch from you guys.
Point Comm: Come and get it~ by pandalana.:Gift:. Marine the raccon by pandalanaSticks the badger! by pandalana.:B-day Gift:. Wake up~ by pandalana.:WIP Sonamy contest:. by pandalana

2) :icondeardiana15:
I've just met Di pretty recently, and might I say, she has one of the most adorable drawing style I've ever seen. From what I've seen, she mostly draws traditionally, but man...that shading, it blends so well. I also love all the different poses she tries out in her work. They all fit well, no weird/offish anatomy from what I can see. Di is a wonderful girl, and deserves a watch from you guys ;)
Knouge~ by deardiana15Boom Love by deardiana15Squicks The Wine Up Mouse Battle Mode by deardiana15Hugs For Knux~ by deardiana15Doodling And Testing Things by deardiana15

3) :iconroninhunt0987:
I'm not much of a RPer anymore, but it's kind of fun reading through some old collaboration we made. Ronin's been a big brother too me since I joined this site back on my first account. Stop by and say hello, he's quick to answer most of the time! For those of you who like to RP a lot, give Ronin a check, he'll be happy to RP with anyone :D
Lil Toshio's quality time with LightningLil Toshio's quality time with Lightning
By: RoninHunt0987
X3 this one is gonna be a cute one and etc.. this where its Shows Lightning and Lil Toshio's strong bond with each other and also bare in mind Lil Toshio is 4 years old on this one and Lil Emi as well, k?? ^~^ enjoy
Merrick and Co(C):iconroninhunt0987:
Lightning, Fire and Lil Ice(C):iconroninhunt0987:
P.S: hmmmm... ^~^ well looks like Tails, sonic and co aren't participating in this one.. but don't worry.. they'll show back up on Lil Toshio's quality time with Lightning 2, k folks.. enjoy the story..
Lightning: *comes in the house as he drops his school bag* I'm home!
Xargos: =3 hey Lightning..
Merrick: Hey Lightning
Lightning: heya..
Merrick: glad its the weekend..
Lightning: mmmhmm
Merrick: good.. ^~^ since i know your at the age to babysit kids.. so.. basically can ya watch Lil Toshio Tomorrow.. Be cause Kimiko and I are gonna be out for tomorrow and etc and also Dustin, Seiki and The kids are spending the night tomorrow wit
Ice's New HomeIce's New Home
By: RoninHunt0987
Note: Disclaimers are in the artist comments. enjoy the story
*The sky is filled with stars. A lil white fox ran through the night as she tried to dodge falling tree branches. People called her Ice.*
Ice: *dodges a tree branch* Ack! *runs the other way* If only there's a nearby *trips on a rock* ACK! I hate this crud!
Xargos: *outside walking on patrol and of course comes near to the noise and sees the young fox* hu??? *kneels down to her*
Ice: Don't hurt me...please...
Lightning: *comes behind Xargos* What did you find Uncle Xargos?
Xargos: I found a young fox.. she's very scared and also she looked she has been abused and etc...
Lightning: Want me to get Mommy and Daddy?
Ice: *hugs Xargos tightly*
Xargos: *hugs ice back and picks her up and looks at Lightning* come on.. lets take her home, okay??
Lightning: Ok *twirls his two tails and follows Xargos toward home*
Xargos: *carries Lil ice home*
*at the house*
Xargos: *places lil ice on the couch and si
How Balto met sonic and co.How Balto Met Sonic and co Story
By: RoninHunt0987
okay... ^~^ next story is featured with Volt the fox and co as well as Merrick, Xargos and Luke Blackhawk(which is at the end part) along with Merrick and Xargos's anti Merrador and Xargoska and also Miles(which was made leader of the anti's just after scourge was branded a traitor of his own kind) and co... this story will be about how Balto The Wolf and his crew got here to Mobius as Mobians and of course believe it or not Mecha Sonic triggered Balto and co to be warped to mobius of leaving a fake chaos emerald behind... plus and secretly Silver the hedgehog of course finishes the job for Balto and sealed the time warp stream to Balto's world in case eggman and his forces screws something up in that time frame which caused Balto and everyone to stay on mobius and of course joins the forces of The Freedom Fighters and Merrick's Crew of the M.E.G.A(Mobian Elite Guard Army)... onward to the disclaimers and enjoy the story..
Merrick, Xar

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