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All artwork (c) Me
:bulletgreen: I do not mind usage of my artwork AS LONG as I am given credit
:bulletred: NOTIFY me if you see my artwork being posted somewhere else




Wow, 36 reply messages? I'm sorry about that lol I will cut them down hopefully soon...

Anyways, sorry for the quietness everyone. I've just started my senior year, and my classes have been taking up most of my attention. The worst part is, is that I have most of my hard classes in the morning and a hard class in the afternoon, so I can't find much time to draw as of now.

Hopefully you all are having a better time than myself :) I was in a little slump  few days back, but I've been able to keep myself going so far.


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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
ID made by: :iconstrlite:

About Me
Yo, welcome to my page! I'm a cartoonist, and I one day want to become an animator. Most of my inspiration come from humor and stuff from my childhood.

My FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What do you use to draw?
A: Mainly pencil, paper, and a mouse

Q: What programs do you use?
A: Paint Tool Sai and Paint

Q: What do you draw?
A: I'm mainly known for Sonic stuff, but nowadays I draw anything I like

Q: Can I have an art trade/point commission?
A: If they're open, then I'd like for you to send me a note for either. For trades, I don't really mind if you're not that great of an artist, but I don't want a drawing that took three hours to make.

Q: Why do you take so long to reply?
A: I'm a very distracted person, and I don't stay on one thing for too long. Be patient with me when it comes to replies.

Q: Can we be friends?
A: I don't see why we couldn't, it's fun talking with you guys. Though if you want to be on my actual "friends" list, that'll take some time.

Q: Why did you deny my group request?
A: I don't have anything against anyone. It's just that I might not have artworks that would fit into the focus of your group. You're all welcome to hit me an invitation though.

The Superheroes
Cool in My Book

Art Trades Closed by SquirtleStampsCommissions Closed by SquirtleStamps
Comission Prices! :DRules
--Do not pay until I've given the word
--I need reference for any fan characters you want me to draw
--I will refuse to draw fan characters that look like a rainbow barfed all over them
--I will refuse to draw fan characters that have too many accessories on them (bracelets, necklaces, etc)
--If you feel like I'm taking too long, you may have a refund.
Sketch: 50:points:

Flat Colored: 100:points:

Shaded: 150:points: (shading style varies)

Shaded with SIMPLE background: 200:points: (shading style varies)

Shaded with COMPLEX background 300:points: (shading style varies)

Painting with TRANSPARENT background 400:points:
Art ProgressIf I owe you something, please check this journal. Here you can check out the status of you're commission/art trade or my part in a collab we're doing XD
:bulletgreen: - paid
:bulletblack: - sketch
:bulletorange: - lineart
:bulletblue: - color
:star: - finished not uploaded
1) :bulletgreen::bulletblack::iconSapphy-chan7: - Sapphire - Shaded
2) :bulletgreen::star::iconsoniathehedgehog365: - Sweetie Valentina and Sonia - Shaded
3) :bulletgreen:[Bullet; Orange]:iconxxzoeythefox606xx: - Vanessa - Sketch
4) [Bullet; Green]:iconHanoi25201: - Proyect Sora - Shaded
Art Trades:
1) :iconPizza-Power: - Teddy and Silver Waiting for their part
2) ---CLOSED---
3) :iconAGiLE-EaGLE1994: - Winston / Yakov brotherly moment Waiting for their part
:iconRoninHunt0987: - Custom adopt for 55[Points]
People who owe me: Don't mind this...I need a place so I wouldn't forget who owes me what
:iconXalisha-light-azureX: - Art T
In Need of FancharactersYes! You've read correctly!
I am in the makings of a comedic comic strip series called Wacky Days :D This project will only star fan characters...and they don't have to be just Sonic!
Now, if you guys don't want me to poke fun at your characters then DO NOT ASK FOR THEM TO BE IN IT! I will warn everyone that I will make jokes, my comics are filled with random lolz so beware!

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